HoLEY vOid is the inimitable audio sitcom with music, magic and stellar guests.

The setting is 'HoLEY vOid', a glamorous Earth tribute venue on a spaceship, loitering near a black hole.

The musical guests are alien tribute acts to themselves!

The core characters who run the HoLEY vOid (a flying telepathic cocktail waiter, a multi-armed cyborg and a lone human) battle baddies or solve a mystery - with help or hindrance from the cast and special guest stars.

Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Toyah Willcox and
Ruth Madoc join the adventure in Normal Space.

a podcast providing great family fun and a variety show to boot, fall into the HoLEY vOid, a cabaret club in space with many stellar turns.

- Jamillah Knowles, BBC Radio 5 Live

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HoLEY vOid logo twisted as if flying in

The show premiered in cyberspace in 2009, with an epic 6 star-studded one-hour episOides...

...followed by two sitcomettes - recorded live at Apple in Regent Street.

Hear the sitcomettes, and watch the Trailer.

Beyond Panto...

© Bernie Hodges and Suzanna van Moyland, HoLEY vOid productions